Jonathan opened his restaurant late 2007; this coincided with the birth of his son. Becoming a father he started asking himself essential questions about life. The main question: How to leave this earth behind for the next generations and more important, what will be left for my children? How can I take responsibility in this matter? The answer proved to be a lot simpler than the implementation...

He no longer gained satisfaction from cooking with ingredients of which he didn’t know the origin. Jonathan decided to go directly to the source. A great way for him to understand his products, their lifecycle and benefits. Jonathan started working solely with local quality products and stayed far away from artificial additives. Thus began his quest of Real Food. Finding organic vegetables and herbs proved to be more difficult than expected. This led Jonathan to start growing his own crops. The process unexpectedly brought strong awareness and Jonathan himself became a part of this important cycle.

Kwekerij En Jon
Jonathan currently grows over 200 special crops on more than 2500 m2 of land. He also joined forces with local farmers.

Jonathan: "Through observing the growth of the crops from up close, I developed a new view on the products that we work with in the kitchen. The harvest determines the menu, not the other way around and it stimulates my creativity like I never could’ve imagined before.
Sometimes I come up with ideas during sowing season, at other times I accidentally harvest the crops a little later and I see something sprout where least expected. For me working with nature feels like an amazing journey full of surprises and beautiful lessons. Each day is different from the next, because you never know what to expect.

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I truly hope we can recover our working relationship with nature and find ways to go back to eating real food again. Our food system now relies on mass industry and most are overly processed. Nature has so much to offer and I hope to show people how they can regain responsibility in eating healthy and natural food again. Growing your own or finding reliable suppliers.”

Jonathan spoke about his mission on TEDxAmsterdam. You can watch his talk here...

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